28-Day Challenge – Bootcamp Burn

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Our monthly challenges are an integral part of a larger health journey. Our close-knit community of incredible individuals are united by a common purpose: to prioritise our well-being, achieve our physical goals, and become the best possible versions of ourselves.


The Daily J’s entire focus for 2024 is on transforming behaviours through a trifecta of exercise, nutrition, and community spirit, helping to foster a resilient mindset for sustainable wellness.


Join Johno, Juls and Liz for their August “Bootcamp Burn” Challenge – an interactive 28-Day program focusing on results and exceptional group coaching.

Johno is one of the world’s most sought-after coaches and motivational behaviour-change experts, so get ready to learn what it takes to succeed in your individual capacity, both physically or mentally.

Expect an exclusive high-touch group with incredible community support and connection.


For the month of August, we have extended our 21-Day Challenge to 28 days!

On top of this, every South African participant will receive an awesome FREE 15 litre Acquabox delivered to their door with one lucky participant walking away with an entire year's supply of water from Acquabox!  Check them out here: Acquabox

The Daily J Workout Program:

Every month at Daily J, our entire community follows one focussed, expertly designed workout plan which consists of the following per week: 

Recorded Workouts: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Gym Cardio OR Running Or Audio AMRAP: Tuesdays and Saturdays

Active Recovery or Option to Repeat Tuesdays: Thursdays

Rest Day: Sundays 

In addition to the above structure, we include 10-minute focussed Blitz sessions in each and every challenge that can be combined, used as an “add on” to any session, or done on their own. 

Every Challenge builds up with a Pre-Week serving as an opportunity to either create momentum for the Challenge start, or as a de-load week before the Challenge kicks off - depending on what our participants choose. 

During Pre-Week, you will have access to 4 bonus recorded workouts and all of the 10-minute Blitz sessions to complete ~ if and how you choose. Over the last 19 months, this formula of having structure for 21 days out of each month has proved to be most sustainable and successful in helping our community build healthy living into a lifestyle. In the month of August, we are challenging you to extend the 21 days to 28 days!


Beginner VS Advanced Workout Track:

Beginners Track: We recognise that for those who are starting on their journeys or recovering from illness or injury, the more advanced sessions could be intimidating. For this reason, we’ve introduced a Beginners Track Workout Program. Recorded workouts in this track are 15 minutes long and low impact. AMRAPS are reduced 10 - 15 minutes. Choose this track if you are easing into exercise or recovering from illness or injury. 

Advanced Track: If you have done one of our challenges before and you’re ready to challenge yourself and give it all you’ve got - choose the Advanced Track option. Recorded workouts in this track are 40 minutes long and have both high and low impact options. AMRAPS are 30 minutes long. 


What’s included?
A Pre-week (22 - 28 July 2024)  with 4 x additional pre-recorded workouts and 20 x 10-minute focussed Blitz Sessions to build momentum for the challenge start.

Workout Program:

    • A beautifully designed PDF E-book with your planning and accountability for the 28 days (simply download on purchase).
    • A 28-Day Hydration Challenge (simply download on purchase)
    • An expertly designed 28-Day fitness program with your structured workout plan.
    • Pre-recorded video sessions led by Johno.
    • Structured cardio and AMRAP sessions to choose from.
    • 20 x 10-minute Blitz session focussed on Upper Body, Lower Body and Core to sprinkle throughout your challenge.
    • All workouts can be completed from home or gym.
    • Alternatives and modifications coached make workouts suitable for all fitness levels.
    • Monthly Community Nutrition Portion Guidance.

Live Connection:

Live, interactive connection sessions in the form of:

    • Motivational Mondays with Johno Meintjes.
    • Chatty Tuesdays with Juls Meintjes.
    • Wellness Wednesdays with Liz Mocke.


    • Closed WhatsApp accountability group.
    • Energetic intervention from Johno and the Daily J team directly into the accountability group.
    • A private, highly engaged Facebook group.
    • Daily engagement, connection and feedback.
    • Incredible motivation, support and interaction from the Daily J Team to keep you on track.

**Additional Pre-week 22 - 28 July 2024**

**Challenge officially starts on the 29th of August 2024**


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