VIP Warrior Women Bundle – 28-Day Women’s Group with Juls & Liz

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Say hello to your new Tribe!

Introducing Warrior Women, an educational 28-day group designed exclusively for women.

Led by Juls Meintjes and Liz Mocké ~ this empowering tribe offers a unique blend of education, inspiration, community, and self-discovery.

Over the course of four weeks, you’ll explore key themes related to women’s mental and physical health, engage with experts, and connect with like-minded women on their own journeys.

This bundle price includes the Daily J’s June Winter Warrior 28-Day Challenge pass valued at R860.


What to Expect:

  • A private Facebook Group with interactive Live Connection sessions and Expert Talks.
  • An exclusive WhatsApp Group with Juls and Liz.
  • A safe space with like-minded women to share, learn and foster connections.
  • A beautifully designed Women's Journal to add your notes over the 28-Days (will be sent via email before the course commences)
  • Incredible Giveaways and hampers by our partnered brands: Nature's Nutrition, Sally-Ann Creed, Clarins, Akima Active, Skin Renewal, IndieNation, TanLab and many many more!


Each week, the course delves into a different theme, providing a comprehensive approach to Women's Wellness. Through thought provoking interactive talks with experts, and supportive group discussions, you'll gain valuable insights and practical tools to enhance your overall well-being.

Interactive Expert Talks include discussions with top psychiatrist Dr Salduker on mental health and anxiety, Dr Elna Rudolph on hormonal and sexual health, Natal Sharks rugby dietician, Danni Venter on supplements and nutrition, experts from Sally-Ann Creed on the benefits of collagen, experts from Alvi Armani on female pattern balding, OBGYN Dr Paula Penkin on menopause & hormonal health, Dom Swart on surviving breast cancer and many more.

Juls will share her expertise in makeup and aesthetics and Liz will guide you through establishing routines and habits that serve your physical and mental health.

Week 1: Women’s Nutrition & Supplementation.

The first week of Warrior Women is dedicated to exploring the critical role of nutrition and supplements in supporting women's health. In this week, we'll discuss basic balanced nutrition and discover the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that contribute to a balanced and energetic lifestyle.

Week 2: Female Hormonal Health, Peri-Menopause & Menopause

Week two dives women’s hormonal health as well as the critical transition phases of peri-menopause and menopause. During this week, you'll gain insights into the physical and emotional changes that accompany these stages, along with practical advice on managing symptoms. Our experts will discuss how hormones can affect our physical and emotional health and weight loss.  You'll also discover ways to adjust your lifestyle to support hormonal health.

Week 3: Women’s Physical and Mental Health, Prevention and Screening

In week three, the focus is on proactive health care and early detection through screening. You'll also learn about key lifestyle practices that can reduce the risk of chronic illnesses and promote longevity. We'll cover topics related to mental health and anxiety.  This week equips you with the knowledge to take charge of your preventive health.

Week 4: Women’s Aesthetics

The final week of Warrior Women celebrates the beauty and aesthetics of women's health. This week explores various aspects of personal care, including hair loss, makeup techniques, skincare routines, and modern skin treatments.  You'll also receive makeup tutorials that highlight natural beauty and discover skincare practices to maintain a radiant complexion. This week is dedicated to embracing aesthetic well-being, allowing you to feel confident and beautiful in your own skin.

In addition to your Warrior Women Course and Group, you will have access to the June Winter Warrior 28-Day Challenge.

Workout Program:

    • A beautifully designed PDF E-book with your planning and accountability for the 28 days (simply download on purchase).
    • An expertly designed 21-Day fitness program with your structured workout plan.
    • Pre-recorded video sessions led by Johno, Juls and Liz.
    • Structured cardio and AMRAP sessions to choose from.
    • 20 x 10-minute Blitz session focussed on Upper Body, Lower Body and Core to sprinkle throughout your challenge.
    • All workouts can be completed from home or gym.
    • Alternatives and modifications coached make workouts suitable for all fitness levels.
    • Monthly Community Nutrition Portion Guidance.

Live Connection:

Live, interactive connection sessions in the form of:

    • Motivational Mondays with Johno Meintjes.
    • Chatty Tuesdays with Juls Meintjes.
    • Wellness Wednesdays with Liz Mocke.


    • Closed WhatsApp accountability group.
    • Energetic intervention from Johno and the Daily J team directly into the accountability group.
    • A private, highly engaged Facebook group.
    • Daily engagement, connection and feedback.
    • Incredible motivation, support and interaction from the Daily J Team to keep you on track.


* Challenge and Course starts on the 27th of May 2024.

**Warrior Women's Course can not be purchased on it's own and forms part of a bundle with the Winter Warrior Challenge.



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