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“The Daily J is my daily dose of endorphins, support and connection. They have it all: Nutrition, mindset and structured activity. This is a lifestyle so sustainable. I can do my workouts in the comfort of my home or at the gym. The passion, drive, motivation and support from Johno & Juls is awesome and contageous and the added expertise of Liz and Adrian brings together an awesome experience of being part of this amazing Daily J Family.”

~ Keri Petri

“This team has transformed me. They show up and support you every single day with the most amazing motivation and energy. They listen to your needs. They keep you accountable, they make you work, they make you sweat, they make you curse, but they are with you all the way. Trust the process and follow the instruction. The results speak for themselves.”

~ Kami Hartwig

“Their authenticity and non-judgemental approach is so refreshing. And the convenience of being able to work out from the comfort of my home any time I choose, fits my daily demands perfectly. And of course Adrian’s delicious recipes that make eating healthy so easy. The amazing community keeps me motivated and pushes me even on days when I don’t feel like it – sometimes FOMO and other times it’s their energy that inspires me to take the teaspoon of cement and get off the couch. My body has changed, my wardrobe is changing, and I am thankful to this crazy bunch! I am nowhere near perfect, but I am happy being ME! Thank you!”

~ Vash Mungal-Singh

“I joined Daily J in Feb, having missed hearing Johno and Juls blasting in my living room! Gosh, it’s good to have them back! I’ve since joined Liz’s Self-Care Club as well. Daily J is the reason I jump out of bed every morning, excited to get my session in. I have not seen results like this since my 20’s. I feel fitter, healthier and stronger than I have in years. It’s a process, but it’s a solid format and structure that just works! Combining good nutrition with excellent exercise sessions, we slowly build a good sustainable lifestyle change. I love being on the Self-Care Club, where I get a bit more individual attention plus get to be part of an incredible group of likeminded individuals. Liz Mocke and the Daily J Crew are simply the best!”

Claire van der Linden

“I have been working out with Johno and Juls since 2020 when I gave up on my personal trainer of many years. Working out from home with the Daily J has taken out the stress and allowed me to be flexible on timing. Daily J allows you to take your personal trainer away with you when travelling – zero excuses. I have never felt stronger and love the results”

Karen Short

“Daily J has become part of our life and home. The love, support and care that the Daily J team and community provides is truly unique. If you stick to the plan and trust the process, you get results – and I promise you what Johno says is true – your body can doo 40% more than your mind tells you it can. If you want to be part of something incredible, this is the place to be.”

~ Geneé Taylor Bennett

“I love being a part of the Daily J community. What is it, you may ask? It’s a Family. A whole lot of people you may, or may not have met, on a journey to become better versions of themselves. Real people with real struggles who love nothing more than to lift themselves and others up through fitness. My daily reminder to myself that no matter how tough my day has been, I owe myself some love so I can better serve my family and be a better human being to those around me.”

~ Kerry Craukamp

“The Daily J is my daily fix. My routine starts with this platform every day and I wouldn’t trade it for anything going forward. This was the best thing that happened during COVID and I’m happier than ever before to be able to exercise in the comfort of my home, achiving great results in the process – all thanks to the motivation, commitment and dedication from this incredible crew. I’m loving it, Daily J for life!”

~ Pat Govender

“I have been with the Daily J since the start and still love my daily dose!  The workouts, the simple meal ideas and guidelines, the community, the ENERGY and PASSION from Johno and his Team… and mostly the ‘realness’. These are all my favourite things 😜 It’s a vibe! I achieved amazing results doing the first 21 day challenge and although my nutrition isn’t always as consistent as my exercise, I have such a good foundation to fall back on when I need to, thanks to this INCREDIBLE team.”

~ Shanda Attenborough

The Daily J represents everything that is real – authenticity, love, support and community! I truly believe that the exercise structure is the best out there – I have never seen or felt results like I have with Johno and his team. I love all the value adds – the beauty advice from Jules that taps into real concerns for all woman; the great recipes from Adrian and food advice & the motivation and education from Liz, The Self-Care Coach, that is consistently provided. What I love the most is the community – a bunch of people who haven’t all met in person but who hold each other up everyday through the realness of life; being busy working parents; dealing with work; through sickness and health; through the good days and the bad days! As long as I have Daily J, I feel like I can make it through a day!

~ Belinda Lister

The Daily J has given me strength to fight my cancer fight even harder. It is giving me all I need on all levels to fully embrace a healthy life and go beyond any possible limits!

~ Catherine Hermans


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