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“Their authenticity and non-judgemental approach is so refreshing. And the convenience of being able to work out from the comfort of my home any time I choose, fits my daily demands perfectly. And of course Adrian’s delicious recipes that make eating healthy so easy. The amazing community keeps me motivated and pushes me even on days when I don’t feel like it – sometimes FOMO and other times it’s their energy that inspires me to take the teaspoon of cement and get off the couch. My body has changed, my wardrobe is changing, and I am thankful to this crazy bunch! I am nowhere near perfect, but I am happy being ME! Thank you!”

Vash Mungal-Singh

“I joined Daily J in Feb, having missed hearing Johno and Juls blasting in my living room! Gosh, it’s good to have them back! I’ve since joined Liz’s Self-Care Club as well. Daily J is the reason I jump out of bed every morning, excited to get my session in. I have not seen results like this since my 20’s. I feel fitter, healthier and stronger than I have in years. It’s a process, but it’s a solid format and structure that just works! Combining good nutrition with excellent exercise sessions, we slowly build a good sustainable lifestyle change. I love being on the Self-Care Club, where I get a bit more individual attention plus get to be part of an incredible group of likeminded individuals. Liz Mocke and the Daily J Crew are simply the best!”

Claire van der Linden