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I have struggled with my weight for many years but my weight piled on after I lost my dad in 2023. I had nothing to live for. All that made me happy and comfortable was food and alcohol. Some days it would be 5 packets of crisps, chocolates and a bottle of wine! I was close to 100kg, I couldn’t walk up the stairs at home without feeling breathless, I couldn’t enjoy fun with my family, I avoided going out because I did not have the clothes to wear. In March 2024 my sister Claire Robinson who is part of the daily J community came to visit me in the UK. She woke up at 5am and did her Daily J routine, I thought she was crazy! She asked me to join her but no way was I setting an alarm for 5am to put myself in pain! 

Claire left and the day she left, it hit me. I realised I needed to do something, I owed it to myself and my family to pull myself together and get moving. I joined Daily J after messaging Johno as I was not even sure my body would cope with the exercise. Johno was so encouraging from the first message. Straight away I was motivated! It was tough in the beginning but I kept going as I had the full support of my family and added to that an amazing community with the Daily J that inspired me to stay committed. 

Joining Warrior Women alongside my exercises taught me so much more. More than just the exercise but nutrition, hormones, how stress effects your weight and my most favourite, make up by Juls.  Every month gets better and I’m so excited to start July and the Reset with Danni.

The Daily J community made all the difference when I was starting my journey. “You can’t always rely on motivation. You need to develop discipline and commitment for the moments when you don’t feel like it.”

~ Robyn Lawrence

“I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember.

As a result I have tried many diets over the years, most of which promised quick result and when those would not materialise I would give up and go back to my unhealthy lifestyle.

The lowest point for me was when I now felt heavy even to carry my own body. My health was a huge concern for me but I did not know where to start. In May 2023 the Daily J was the wellness partner for my work employee wellness program. I took part and have not looked back.

I learned that it was not a sprint but rather a marathon, trust the process, take it one day at a time and to be kinder and more patient with myself. It has now been 12 months and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

The support from the team and the entire Daily J community has been great. I am forever grateful.”

~ Nosipho Mukwavaya

“One isn’t necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.

Johno, Julz & Lizzie gave me a reason to TRY back in 2020. I kept trying & pushing ….and the result is beyond my wildest imagination. today I’m the fittest 43 year old I could’ve wished to be – DAILY J keeps me moving & the incredible community keep me accountable.

Support & motivation is everything in life!!! Believing you enough & can achieve what you set your mind too is so POWERFUL. It’s achievable…trust me.

Daily J remembers daily that we all different, have different goals, fitness levels, background stories & have a different perception about what our “perfect” body is. it’s REAL and REALISTIC.

Join the community in & see for yourself. I can GUARANTEE structure & process = results. But most of all you will feel support you couldn’t begin to fathom is real from the community. And best of all between the results, you will meet members that will become your closest friends.”

~ Michele Rogers

After suffering the loss of my beautiful mum in 2022, my little Evey just 3 weeks old, it felt like an upward battle not allowing myself to be taken hostage by my hormones and sink into old patterns of emotional eating and lazy routine. Johno has been there every step of the way to help guide me back to my old self again. With the help of this amazing community and the Daily J team, I am restructuring my mind with daily routine and am practicing a healthy lifestyle again. 

Trying to stick with my routine is not easy with small children but where there is a will, there is a way, and I know 100% that a healthy mind leads to a healthy lifestyle. It is important for me to show my children that being healthy doesn’t have to be boring and they can be a part of my journey and my process and, hopefully, I can encourage their healthy habits in the future. What’s an extra 15kg hanging in my arms whilst squatting or kettlebell swinging 🤣 easy peasy…lol…I love that, after just 4 short workouts, Evey is starting to copy my movements and I’m hopeful that in the next year or so she will be my little shadow, copying mummy, instead of my little limpet, hanging in my arms. 

By prioritising my own self care for the first time in a long time, I am able to clear my mind of all the negative thought patterns and be a healthy role model and better mum for my kids and for my family. Daily J is life changing. Nuff said!”

~ Megan James

“I kind of fell off the wagon over the last few months, OK more like a year 🤣 (where does the time go to!!). I was originally with Liz as part of the phenomenal Bomb Squad and saw incredible results through consistency with my training and my nutrition month on month.

With my nutrition I kept it simple 5 out of 7 days focusing on what my body needed to stay fuelled in a positive way. I joined the Daily J in October for my 1st challenge with the INCREDIBLE Johno, Juls and Liz and am now part of Daily J DNA as the Daily J has become part of my routine.

You honestly do not get better than this dynamic trio of awesome passionate caring people backed by a phenomenal community always there the edge you on and motivate you. Daily J is about having the right mindset, “You don’t fail until you quit, and this is not an option.”. 

My two biggest wins are the amazing results I have seen with a total loss of 28cm and the other is taking up swimming with my daughter who is 10 and being a role model for her as to what good health looks like. In March this year we swam the Midmar Mile together which was an incredible experience and lesson around perseverance and determination.

The Daily J and swimming has taught me goal setting, time management, focus and concentration, resilience, and teamwork all valuable skills that benefit you in various aspects of your life. Liz always spoke about embracing the non-scale victories and some of these for myself are:

💚 Embrace progress not perfection – greater focus and determination.

💚 The importance of building good habits – if you have not as yet read “Atomic Habits” by James Clear it is life-changing, in the book he states “Changes that seem small and unimportant at first will compound into remarkable results if you’re willing to stick to them for years.” Make Daily J your habit!!

💚 Always take time out daily for self-care, it is important to fill your own cup and prioritize your needs.

💚 Accountability and vulnerability through the amazing Daily J community, always there to motivate and inspire you.

💚 On days when you don’t think you have it in you keep on moving, even if just for 15 minutes – learning to have patience with yourself.

💚 How important it is to drink that water as Johno constantly reminds us 💧🙃

💚 The incredible increase in energy and strength is mind blowing.

💚 Last but not least GRATITUDE for this incredible platform and community thank you again Johno, Juls and Liz.”

~ Taryn Purdon

“Johno came into my life in 2021 about a month or so after I had just suffered a devastating loss 21 weeks into my second pregnancy. I was responsible for corporate wellness at the time and on a mission to get healthy again! I was doing well and seeing results but then unexpectedly fell pregnant and had my little boy in Jan 2023 at the age of 41!

We had moved to CT for a fresh start and I met Johno for a coffee and a catch up. He told me it was time…. And so began a journey that I never imagined I would become so committed and dedicated to. The first week was incredibly tough – I was so unfit; but I was determined not to disappoint Johno… so I pushed on! Eventually it got to the stage where I was determined not to disappoint myself as I started seeing and feeling the benefits of consistency and discipline! 

In August 2023 I ramped it up and signed up for Johno’s 12 week executive program! This was a major shift – I added running to my routine and became more aware of what I was eating; when and how much. 

Since 2021 I have lost a total of 14kgs but I have gained such strength; resilience and confidence in myself – never imagining that I would get to this point. It’s a no brainer that Johno; Juls and Lizzy are the best in the fitness and wellness space. There are thousands of people with similar results to mine. But the secret sauce is definitely the Daily J community – this is the backbone of this program and it’s the people who make it such a wonderful group to be a part of!

People like me and you; men; women; moms; dads; juggling life and choosing to be the best version of themselves even when we really don’t feel like it! We show up for each other; lift those who need a boost; celebrate ALL the wins and non scale victories and we push each other – with unwavering support and structure from Johno and the girls! 

There is so much I could write about Daily J but we would be here forever – it’s been life changing – I love that all I need to do is show up – the structure; the planning; the workouts and all the value adds are so well thought out!! Trust the process as Johno always says! It 100% works!”

~ Belinda Lister

“Over these last few challenges, I have finally realised what matters the most in my health journey.

As women, we all strive for or want “perfection”, “beauty”, “youth”, “strength”.

I understand now the meaning of these words.

Perfection : I put in the effort and work to get to my goals.

Beauty: Beauty is within and will shine outwards.

Strength: Strength is not reflected by the weights I use but rather by force upheld.

Youth: Youth, age is a mind thing. If you act old you will feel old.

Today I feel beautiful, I am beautiful and proud of myself. Proud of finally loving my body. It will never be perfect! But it is who I am. And it is perfect for me!

What a better way to celebrate Women with the upcoming Challenges.

I AM a Winter, warrior woman!”

~ Catherine Hermans

At the end of last year my husband and I decided to do the Sani2c 3 day cycle event. I knew the level of commitment I needed on and off my bike.  

I had already been part of Daily J since the beginning so, knew the benefits of this program but did not realise how much it would contribute to my strength when cycling.

I carried on doing my 3 sessions a week and the rest of the days I was cycling getting stronger and stronger!  The combination of the workouts, cycling and accountability to this incredible community kept me going! 

We had a great ride covering nearly 300km and was so proud to share that I came 3rd in the masters ladies category.  

A huge shout out to Johno, Jules and Liz – you guys offer a great program.  Thanks for keeping me on a healthy journey.

~ Norma Hooper

“As a wife and a working mom of three teenage boys, the past two years have been a constant struggle with work pressures, leaving me feeling lost and disconnected from my own needs. 

At a low point, my sister suggested reaching out to Johno, and it has been a game-changer! With Johno’s gentle yet no-nonsense approach, I embarked on a journey of lifestyle transformation. 

Through tailored nutrition plans and expertly guided exercises, I found his unwavering support and encouragement just what I needed to push past my limits and achieve goals I once thought impossible. 

Johno taught me the power of vulnerability and the importance of perseverance, instilling in me a newfound belief in myself. 

This investment in my own well-being, I’ve discovered, not only benefits me, but the ripple effect is now being felt by my boys too. My only regret? Not starting sooner.”

~ Monique Hardiman

“ I reached out to Johno just under 3 months ago as I was desperately miserable with how I felt in my body and with my fitness levels.

I was offered the executive plan from Daily J which has quite literally transformed my eating habits and my approach to nutrition, my fitness and endurance has improved drastically, and I have lost 8,5kg and feel so much more comfortable in my body which has had a massive positive effect on my confidence.

I like what I see physically again and am reaping the benefits of the improved fitness in my running, which is the best. The program and instruction alongside the accountability on the nutrition side make it completely achievable and it just works!”

~ Hannah Sillince

“A friend sent me a picture post half marathon from May 2023.(Left) I put it next to a picture of me post full marathon in March 2024.(Right) 

It’s the first time I have really noticed just how far I have come. 

Everything has changed. My entire perspective on life, food, exercise. I’m a brand new person! I haven’t looked at a scale in months. And I did all in what was arguably the toughest 6 months of my life on a personal level.

To say I am grateful to Johno, Juls and Liz is an understatement. ❤️

You’ve changed me. Johno, you never gave up on me (And still support me whenever I need it).

I cannot thank you and the Daily J enough 🤗 Life changing platform!”

~ Tracy Farmer

 “This is me!

I once was the girl who chased the skinny… The more bones I showed the better i felt!

I have battled eating disorders since I was a teen.

Since 2020 and under the guidance of Johno and Juls I have learnt that healthy and strong is better!

Today, I walked around with just a bikini and felt confident and strong.

I have cellulite and I now feel it’s OK…

I know I don’t have to be perfect. I need to feel happy and strong.

This is what Daily J has done for me!!!!

Thank you for giving me the freedom I have craved for so many years.”

~ Nicola Bonner

“The Daily J has helped me achieve something I never thought I would ever be able to do – the want to run, and then run a marathon (or 2).

The strength training from the Daily J has helped me start running, improved my running and given me the confidence to go out and conquer a marathon x2.

The Daily J is so much more. The team, the community, the support, love and sharing, is all truly amazing and inspires me to continue each day even when some days get dark.

It feels so awesome to be part of a group that is so special, uplifting and energising.

I wouldn’t trade my place for anything but I will move up and invite whoever to come and join me because this is the best dam thing since “chocolate cake”. Thank you Daily J team and all the community, you guys are my “rock” ❤️

~ Shelldine Fergusen

“Johno, Juls and Liz are fantastic. My entire mindset around exercise and nutrition has shifted in a big way.

I am already seeing results 2 weeks into the June challenge. I love that you can do the workouts in the comfort of your own home, the motivation from the team is next level and the advice they give is super practical and informative.

It is an incredible community where everyone supports everyone and no one gets left behind.”

~ Emily Walker


“I love being a part of the Daily J community. What is it, you may ask? It’s a Family. A whole lot of people you may, or may not have met, on a journey to become better versions of themselves. Real people with real struggles who love nothing more than to lift themselves and others up through fitness. My daily reminder to myself that no matter how tough my day has been, I owe myself some love so I can better serve my family and be a better human being to those around me.”

Kerry Craukamp

“The Daily J is my daily fix. My routine starts with this platform every day and I wouldn’t trade it for anything going forward. This was the best thing that happened during COVID and I’m happier than ever before to be able to exercise in the comfort of my home, achiving great results in the process – all thanks to the motivation, commitment and dedication from this incredible crew. I’m loving it, Daily J for life!”

Pat Govender