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Johno Meinjtes is a highly experienced fitness leader and qualified sports conditioning specialist with an impressive track record of working with elite sports teams and athletes. He has worked with some of the biggest names in South African sports, including Cricket South Africa, South African Rugby, and South African Hockey, as well as with Chinese Olympic provinces.

Johno’s passion for fitness and helping people achieve their goals has seen him own multiple gyms over the years, where he has provided expert coaching and guidance to countless clients. However, it was during the lockdown period that Johno truly made a difference, when he founded JEFF FITNESS (previously called Johno’s eFitness Faculty).

Through this innovative platform, Johno was able to help hundreds of thousands of people across the globe stay fit and healthy, even when they were unable to leave their homes.
Johno’s commitment to changing lives through fitness is an inspiration to many, and his knowledge and expertise in sports conditioning have helped countless athletes achieve their goals.

With his years of experience and his passion for fitness, Johno Meinjtes is undoubtedly one of the most respected and successful fitness leaders in the industry today.


Juls Meinjtes is a certified kettlebell instructor and fitness leader who has dedicated her life to motivating and helping women achieve their fitness goals.
With a passion for healthy living and an unwavering commitment to leading by example, Juls has inspired countless women to adopt a more active lifestyle and prioritize their physical and mental wellbeing.

In addition to her fitness expertise, Juls is also a qualified makeup artist who loves sharing her knowledge and expertise with others. She is deeply committed to helping women look and feel their best, both inside and out, and is passionate about teaching others how to care for their skin and enhance their natural beauty.

As a mother of two young girls, Juls is also deeply committed to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for her family. She and her husband, Johno Meintjes, founded JEFF FITNESS, a dynamic fitness and wellness program that has helped countless individuals transform their bodies and their lives.

Through her work with JEFF FITNESS and beyond, Juls continues to be a powerful force for positive change, inspiring and empowering women to be their best selves and live their best lives.


As a dedicated Women’s Wellness Coach, Liz devotes herself to empowering women to live their best lives. In addition to her role as a full-time coach, she is also a certified personal trainer and Pilates instructor, allowing her to provide comprehensive support for her clients’ physical and mental well-being.

As a full-time working mom herself, she intimately understands the complexities of juggling multiple responsibilities while ensuring self-care remains a priority amidst the demands of everyday life – and she helps other women find their unique balance too.

Throughout her career, she has had the privilege of working with diverse clients -whether through one-on-one wellness coaching, nutrition coaching, personal training, group fitness instruction, or mindset coaching, she has witnessed incredible transformations along with the power of cultivating healthy habits and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Her extensive experience as a former Coach and Instructor with JEFF Fitness has allowed her to connect with thousands of women from all corners of the globe. 

With a deep passion for promoting women’s well-being, she is committed to guiding and supporting women on their individual journeys, so they can unlock the full potential within and embrace their uniqueness within a powerful community of women.

Liz heads up operations for the DAILY J, as well as small group coaching with her Self-Care Club which offers a comprehensive and supportive platform for women to prioritise their well-being, build healthier habits, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals while on the monthly DAILY J Challenges.


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“I love being a part of the Daily J community. What is it, you may ask? It’s a Family. A whole lot of people you may, or may not have met, on a journey to become better versions of themselves. Real people with real struggles who love nothing more than to lift themselves and others up through fitness. My daily reminder to myself that no matter how tough my day has been, I owe myself some love so I can better serve my family and be a better human being to those around me.”

Kerry Craukamp

“The Daily J is my daily fix. My routine starts with this platform every day and I wouldn’t trade it for anything going forward. This was the best thing that happened during COVID and I’m happier than ever before to be able to exercise in the comfort of my home, achiving great results in the process – all thanks to the motivation, commitment and dedication from this incredible crew. I’m loving it, Daily J for life!”

Pat Govender