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Join Johno, Juls and Liz for their August “Bootcamp Burn” Challenge – an interactive 28-Day program focusing on results and exceptional group coaching. A fresh new training program extended from 21 to 28 days!

Our 2024 commitment is crystal clear: we are in the business of changing behaviours – dedicated to guiding individuals towards becoming the best possible versions of themselves.

Our entire focus for 2024 is on transforming behaviours through a trifecta of exercise, nutrition, and community spirit, helping to foster a resilient mindset for sustainable wellness.

In 2024, we will help you to nurture a positive relationship with exercise and nutrition as self-care.

This year is all about expanding our foundation, ensuring more individuals embrace the journey of prioritising their everyday wellness to become the best versions of themselves.


Monthly Challenge Pass: You have the option to join a specific month’s challenge by buying a single challenge pass.

12-Month Bundle: Commit upfront to 12 challenges at the price of 11. 

Daily J DNA: Commit to your monthly Daily J Challenge with our monthly recurring option.

Want to make Daily J part of your DNA? 

Join DAILY J DNA to automatically subscribe to your monthly Daily J Challenge as a recurring payment option.


Frequently Asked questions


What type of exercises can I expect with these workouts?

Daily J workouts are a great combination of HIIT and LIIT with cardio and strength elements.

Who can do these workouts?

Anyone – whether you’re beginner or advanced! The workouts are programmed and instructed so that you can either do high or low impact exercises depending on your abilities and fitness level.

How long are the workouts?

The recorded workouts are 40 minutes long.

What equipment do I need for the workouts?

We recommend a range of dumbbell sets from 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg etc. You will need a mat and a steady surface to step up on approximately 20cm to 50cm high, for example, an aerobic step or a sturdy chair.

How and where do i watch/do the workouts?

The workouts are pre-recorded and loaded onto a closed facebook group. You can watch on your phone/iPad or cast on to tv.  You can do them from home or at the gym.

HOW WILL I be supported?

All participants join a closed Facebook Challenge Group as well as a closed WhatsApp Group where the Daily J team and fellow challenge participants will be motivating and cheering you on!

What if I need more accountability?

In addition to the Challenge, we offer two support bundles. The Self-Care Club small group coaching for women (which includes the Kudle Nutrition app) and the Kudle Nutrition App by Adrian Penzhorn. Please visit the Sign up tab for details.


“I have been working out with Johno and Juls since 2020 when I gave up on my personal trainer of many years. Working out from home with the Daily J has taken out the stress and allowed me to be flexible on timing. Daily J allows you to take your personal trainer away with you when travelling – zero excuses. I have never felt stronger and love the results”

Karen Short

“Daily J has become part of our life and home. The love, support and care that the Daily J team and community provides is truly unique. If you stick to the plan and trust the process, you get results – and I promise you what Johno says is true – your body can doo 40% more than your mind tells you it can. If you want to be part of something incredible, this is the place to be.”

Geneé Taylor Bennett


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